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About SAC

The Special Abilities Cluster is a comprehensive, integrated program meeting the needs of students with developmental disabilities.

SAC is an umbrella program for three sets of classes. CORE classes for the high school age student, LINC classes for the adult student and SUCSESS classes for students with Autism.


The program addresses student needs through six domains:

  1. Academic Domain
  2. Recreation/Leisure Domain
  3. Independent Living Domain
  4. Social/Emotional Domain
  5. Vocational Domain
  6. Technology Domain


SAC Program Information

  • SAC is the umbrella program consisting of three components; CORE, LINC and SUCSESS
  • High school students age 14-18 are enrolled in six periods a day 8:00 a.m. to 2:34 p.m. (CORE Program)
  • Adult students age 18-22 are enrolled in five periods per day 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (LINC Program)
  • 15 Case Carriers provide instruction for all SAC students.
  • Students rotate from class to class and follow the posted EHS bell schedule.
  • Students ride district transportation or if agreed to by the IEP team, may be trained on public transportation (OCTA) to promote greater independence.
  • Students can bring or purchase snack/lunch from the school cafeteria.
  • CORE Students have an opportunity to integrate in regular education classes – determined through the IEP process (art, ceramics, computer, media, photography, auto, PE, foods, film studies, theater etc…).
  • LINC Students integrate within the community, not in classes on the Edison Campus.
  • Extended School Year (ESY) available based on individual needs addressed at the students annual IEP meeting.
  • Students earn a Certificate of Educational Achievement and participate in graduation ceremonies typically at 18 years of age.
  • Students in CORE/SUCCESS are assigned a Case Carrier for the duration of their enrollment in CORE/SUCSESS.
  • Students in LINC rotate case carriers yearly.
  • Nursing services for toileting, feeding, and medication are available as needed, determined through the IEP process.
  • Students in the SAC program are entitled to a public education until the age of 22.


CORE classes are designed to serve students from fourteen to eighteen years of age, offer a wide range of instructional components for developing academic and functional skills through on-campus and Community-Based Instruction (CBI). CORE students receive instruction in various modalities while implementing their IEP goals and objectives. Students earn a Certificate of Educational Achievement, typically received when they participate in the commencement ceremony at 18 years of age. SAC CORE students have the opportunity to participate in all activities at Edison, from athletic events to graduation exercises. Students integrate throughout the entire campus and often participate in regular education classes on campus.


CORE Students typically follow the normal high school bell schedule, including start times and end times. On Mondays, CORE students usually follow a "Modified Monday bell schedule," also known as a late start Monday at 9:24a.m. However, throughout the year, there are Mondays which may be on a "Traditional bell schedule" which is an 8:00a start. Please refer to the EHS website for more Monday bell schedule information. 


On Tuesdays and Thursdays, CORE students are on block periods, and attend ODD period classes: 1,3,5.


On Wednesdays and Fridays, CORE students are on block periods and attend EVEN period classes: 2,4,6.


Classes are developed based on the needs of the students IEP’s:

Reading Basic reading skills, functional reading skills and a Language! Reading class.

Math Basic math, functional math, and consumer math.

Vocational – Recycling, custodial, gardening, and business skills.

Recreation/Leisure – Arts/Crafts, WEX (Water Exploration), Outdoor Recreation, Indoor recreation.

Technology Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI), Augmentative Communication.  Computers are located in every classroom.

Social/Emotional Interpersonal Relations classes.

Independent Living Cooking, Breakfast Club, Health and Safety

WEX - Water Exploration / Exercise in the pool. 

PE - Physical education offerings in three levels from fully adapted, hybrid, or inclusion in general education PE classes. 

Other class offerings Social Studies, Science, LIFE classes for students that are medically fragile; Low Ratio classes for students who are behaviorally challenged; and, classes designed for students with autism.




LINC (Learning Inclusively and Networking in the Community) classes serve students from eighteen/nineteen to twenty-two years of age. The classes are designed to take skills and knowledge gained over their years in school programs and apply them to daily living, work, and community life. The LINC classes assist the students and parents in the transition process and focus on facilitating opportunities for a quality life after high school.


Classes in LINC are developed based on the needs of the student through the IEP/ITP process.


Applied Academics Students learn to use reading in real life uses such as using a newspaper.

Arts and Recreation Exposure to many types of music and developing and enjoyment of music and art.

CBI Community Based Instruction.
Explore community sites, developing street crossing and pedestrian skills. Learn what the community can provide.

Consumer Skills Developing personal money and banking skills

Circles Targeting stranger awareness, appropriate behavior and social pragmatic skills.

Vocational Skills Exploring four career clusters: clerical; restaurant; custodial; and, independent living.

Health and Fitness Learning good eating and healthy practices through aerobics, yoga and various exercise techniques.

Technology Navigating the internet and various computer applications.

Travel Training OCTA travel training for students identified during the IEP process. Students learn to ride public transportation.

Independent Living – Instructs students in functional daily living skills.

Health and Safety – Practical – functional skills, giving students information for safe and healthy living practices