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Music Industry/Choir/Theater

Kevin Long-Gallegos
Chorus 1/ Vocal Ensemble 
In musical theater, students have the opportunity to explore all aspects of theater! Students will learn stage skills such as singing, dancing, and acting as well as behind the scenes and directing work. Our musical theater students will perform in several showcases throughout the year and will take part in one fully staged production. 
Music Industry I 
This course will cover the basics of piano, guitar, voice, theory, and songwriting. During the first semester, students will have an overview of the instruments and develop the skills necessary to play them. Second semester, students will choose to specialize in either songwriting or performance on the instrument of their choice. 
This course is designed for students interested in all aspects of production, such as acting, costumes, directing, stage management, publicity and other technical theater. Students will be a part of a full-length theatrical production learning skills necessary for entry-level jobs in the theatrical production industry. Hours after school; evening, and/or weekends are REQUIRED for rehearsals, construction and show productions.