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EHS Innovation Lab

  • Students in the Marine Aquarium Science class are getting dual enrollment college credit through Orange Coast College.  
  • We are the only Marine Aquarium Science class program in Southern California offering this program with a community college system.
  • Students are learning hard core aquarium and marine science concepts through the college dual enrollment program.  
  • Courses are a part of a Career Technical Education pathway program in Agriculture & Natural Resources which supports the students in learning to become aquarists or a fish hatchery technician.  
  • We also have an outdoor aquaponics and hydroponics system that students are learning to manage crops and fish production through using fish waste for plant production.
  • It's a hands-on minds-on engaging program that applies a tremendous amount of practical science concepts.
Greg Gardiner
CTE Department Coordinator
CTE ASE Biology & Sustainable Agriculture, AP Environmental Science, & CTE Agricultural of Aquaponics Science Teacher
Academy of Sustainability & Engineering: Assistant Director
Orange County Teacher of Year - 2018
California Teacher of Year - 2018
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