- On Monday February 1st, there are no classes due to staff development day. 
- On Tuesday February 2nd, EHS campus will open, and while the rest of the school will return for hybrid learning in teams alternating days, SAC students will be able to return to campus for in-person learning T-F. This will happen in self contained classrooms with limited numbers of students and staff called "pods or cohorts" to keep possible COVID exposure to a minimum following health guidelines. 
- Classes will resume from 8:30am to 12:30pm Tuesday- Friday 
- Mondays will continue to be ONLINE only for ALL EHS students. 
-Transportation: If your student is on school transportation, your pick-up time remains the same unless transportation has contacted you.
- SAC will continue to offer a full online instructional option for students who would prefer to not return to campus. 
- Please notify your case manager or the SAC office ASAP if you plan to CHANGE from online to on campus, or vice versa. *This is for students who, prior to the most recent closure, were 100% distance learners who wish to return to campus. Or for students who were, prior to the most recent closure, on campus and who wish to remain on 100% distance learning. If you are not changing your status, there is no need to contact us. 
- The SAC Office is asking for a 1 week notice for students who were not previously on campus and wish to return to campus. *This is to ensure that staffing, physical arrangements in the classroom, and transportation can be set up to accommodate previously 100% online students who wish to return. 
- Safety reminders: With the prevalence of COVID-19 in the community, we appreciate the families that are remaining vigilant in their efforts to stay healthy. To continue having in-person learning at Edison, it is imperative that families do their part to help us maintain a healthy campus. If anyone in your household starts to feel sick (even mild symptoms), please keep your student(s) home and have them join remotely. If a COVID-19 diagnosis is confirmed, please inform the school nurse, and we will assist in determining the isolation timeframe. If your healthcare provider confirmed an alternative diagnosis, your child may return to school, as long as they are healthy, and provide a doctor's note.
By taking the proactive step of keeping your SAC student home if anyone in the household is ill, we can further avoid having contagious students on campus. Keeping infectious students off-campus keeps us from being a source of transmission and keeps us from having to close the campus for in-person learning.
Please remember that people are contagious when asymptomatic and for 48 hours before showing symptoms. Please do not hesitate to contact our school nurse if you have any further questions (714) 962-1356 ext. 55430. I look forward to seeing your students again next week. I wish you and your family continued health.
~Joe Loomis
- We know that there is a lot of information going around right now. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact your case manager or the SAC office.  714.962.1356 x55456 or x55458