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Student Store

Student Store

Located by the Media Center in between the Media Center and English Hallway. 

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: Lunch

Tuesday – Friday: Tutoria

PE Clothes
Shirt: $10.00, Shorts: $15.00, Set: $25.00
PE Clothes will be available for purchase beginning on the second day of school.  Additional selling dates may include Freshmen Orientation, Parent Orientation and Back to School Nights.  The student store is now accepting Visa, MC, Discover or American Express for your convenience.
Short Sleeve Shirts: $15.00
Long Sleeve Shirts: $ 20.00
Hoodies: $25.00
Ink Pens: $.50
Wooden Pencils $.25
Mechanical Pencils: $.50
Lead: $1.00
Highlighter: $.50
Colored Pencil Set: $2.00
Colored Marker Set: $2.00
Box of Crayons: $1.00
Lined Paper: $1.50 package or $.01/sheet
Index Cards: $1.00 package or $.01/card
Plain Copy Paper: $.01/sheet
Composition Books: $1.00
Sprial Notebooks: $3.00
Colored File Folder: $.25
Pencil Cases: $.50
Also available, an assortment of health snack items. 

All profits from the student store go to the EHS Academic Booster Club. The Academic Booster Club is a resource for students, parents, and teachers to enrich the academic development of all EHS students. The Academic Booster Club hosts several special recognition programs for academic achievement and also provides financial support for classroom equipment and teacher requests.