Athletic Eligibility

Eligibility can be broken down into the following categories: Scholastic, residential, age requirements, outside participation, clearing process and school athletic code of conduct. Failure to comply with the guidelines and restrictions of any of these areas may result in a student not being allowed to participate in athletics.


To be academically eligible a student must meet two criteria. First they must pass a minimum of four classes equaling 20 units eah semester with a D or better. Only one class of which can be athletics or Physical Education. Second they must achieve a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in all work completed as determined by calculating semester grades on a 4.0 grade scale. Upon failing to achieve a semester grade point average of 2.0 or better, the student shall be placed on probaion the subsequent semester and ineligible if below a 2.0 for two successive semesters. What can I do if I am declared ineligible after the June semester? Can going to summer school help? Summer school grades may help fall semester (fall and winter sports) eligibility. If a student finds he/she is academically ineligible to participate in co-curricular activities in the first semester of the school year, the student may request to the Registrar that current summer school grades be added to the grades received in the spring semester and that the current spring semester and summer school grades be used to determine eligibility for the first semester of the upcoming school year. Grade point average can be improved under the following conditions:

  1. Repeated Courses (must be the same exact titled course). If a student is repeating a course previously taken in the spring semester, the repeat grade replaces the previous and should be averaged along with all of the courses during the spring grading period. In others words, if a student is taking a class during the summer to improve his/her GPA with reference to a class that was taken in the most recent spring semester, the new grade will replace to old and a new GPA will be calculated. If this new GPA is above a 2.0 the student will be declared eligible.
  2. All other courses, except physical education, taken during the summer, which do not meet the criteria in Section 1 above, can be averaged with all grades that were accumulated in June.
  3. Classes that do not have a letter grade are to be eliminated from grade point computation.
  4. Summer school courses failed shall not impair an athlete’s scholastic eligibility achieved in the spring semester.

What if at the end of my first semester I achieved above a 2.0 GPA and passed four classes but in the spring I only passed three classes. How can I get eligible? If you attend summer school and pass any class that you did not pass in the spring semester, with the exception of physical education, with a D or better you would be eligible but placed on probation. If at the end of the fall semester you again achieve below a 2.0 GPA you would then be ineligible for the spring semester.


All students are residentially eligible, as incoming freshmen, at whatever high school they originally attend. If they never leave that high school they will always be residentially eligible there, regardless of where they move. Keep in mind that most districts will require a student to live in the schools or districts attendance boundaries. Those that do not will be required to get inter-district approval before being admitted. Student(s)/Parent(s) who knowingly fail to provide complete and accurate information regarding eligibility to participate in athletics shall be declared ineligible to represent their school in any sport for one year following the date of the discovery of the falsified information. The Huntington Beach Union High School District does participate in the open enrollment process. The open enrollment period for HBUHSD students is limited to the first two working weeks of March each year. Continuing students who wish to change schools and incoming ninth grade students may petition only during this period. Petitions are to be pick up at the home school in February and return to said school by the prescribed deadline listed on the petition. Students who complete the petition process will be notified of their acceptance to their school(s) of choice some time in April. The acceptance letter will require the student to acknowledge their acceptance of the school of their choice by a prescribed date. Failure to follow this process will result in a student’s request not being accepted. The are numerous scenarios regarding residential eligibility that involves transfers, guardianship, exchange students, open enrollment or home study that require specific information to allow for a definitive explanation to be given. If you have such a specific question please feel free to contact me on campus at (714) 962-1356 ext. 4275.

Age Requirement

No student whose nineteenth (19th) birthday is attained prior to June 15, shall participate or practice on any team for the following school year. A student whose 19th birthday is on June 14 or before, is eligible.

Outside Participation

A student on a high school team becomes ineligible is the student competes on an “outside” team, in the same sport, during the student’s high school season of sport. If the outside team has half or more of the team members as stated in the National Federation rulebook for that sport, it shall be considered the same sport. *Examples: three on three basketball – outside team competition prohibited; two on two volleyball – outside team competition permitted. For the purposes of this rule, touch football and flag football are considered to be a different sport than tackle football. In the sport of soccer only, it is permissible for a student on a high school team to compete on an “outside” soccer team except during the period of November 15 through March 15. During this period a student on a high school soccer team becomes ineligible is the student competes in a contest on an “outside” soccer team during the student’s high school season for soccer. This rule shall not be in effect for those sports conducted outside the state adopted season of sport. What is the definition of the student’s high school season for soccer in the Southern Section? A season of sport is defined as that period which begins with a student’s first interscholastic competition (non-league game, tournament contest or league game). For the 2001-2002 soccer season, the date would be November 26, 2001.

Clearing Process

All athletes must complete the following steps to be cleared in each sport that they participate:

  1. EMERGENCY CARDS – Must complete all information on two separate cards. Parent and student must sign and date both cards on both sides.
  2. PHYSICAL EXAMINATION – An athlete must have a physical examination that declares their ability to participate in athletics each year. A physical is good for one calendar year. All athletes must have a valid physical on file to participate in summer camps. A physical must be conducted by an M.D. Chiropractors, Dentists or Physician Assistants are not acceptable.
  3. PURCHASE OF STUDENT BODY CARD – All athletes are encouraged to purchase a Super Charger Card or ASB card to help fund athletics..
  4. TRANSPORTATION FEE – Athletes are encouraged to pay a transportation donation that is determined by the Activities Office for each sport that they participate in.
  5. CONDITIONING FEE – Athletes are encouraged to pay a conditioning donation that is determined by the Athletic Department for each sport that they participate in.
  6. READ & SIGN SCHOOL & CIF CODE OF CONDUCT – These are on the backs of the emergency cards.

Athletic Code

The nature of athletics dictates that a closeness and esprit de corps exist in order for a team to function successfully. No team can be effective unless morale and spirit are high. Individual spirit and aggressiveness are encouraged, but there are certain minimum standards of conduct and appearance that must be maintained in order for the proper team attitude to be sustained and enhanced. With this in mind Edison High School, through the Athletic Department, takes a vital interest with its teams in promoting firm, yet fair discipline as well as responsible standards for behavior, dress, and grooming. The athlete and the athletic team are representatives of the school to others and as such should display exemplary traits.

We further recognize that these uniform rules and regulations are necessary to maintain team morale, team and individual discipline, and the most favorable and effective learning situations.

Physical Conditioning

The athlete, parent, doctor and coach should share the responsibility for the physical well-being and preparation of the athlete so he/she can safely meet the demands of competitive athletics.

It is a fact that alcohol, nicotine, and non-prescribed drugs are injurious to the human body. No true athlete will dispute the fact that in athletics, smoking, drinking, and drugs do not mix for the betterment of the team or the individual, either in or out of the sport season. If any athlete wishes to use these things, he/she should remove himself/herself from the team, before he/she jeopardizes his/her safety and morale of the team. Athletes who violate this trust may be dropped from the team immediately; forfeit his/her letter or any other forthcoming award; lose the privilege of wearing his/her lettermans jacket during his/her
suspension and lose the privilege of participating athletics at Edison in the future. Violating this trust includes but is not restricted to attending school functions under the influence of a mind altering substance, possessing mind altering substances at school functions, and/or be a participant with those who partake in these types of activities.

Athletes violating this trust in or out of the sport season will have their names kept on file by the athletic directors. They will not be allowed to participate on an athletic team until they have the approval of the athletic director, acting for the administration of the school. The Athletic Directors decision will be based upon conferences with the athlete, parents, coaching staff, and the administration.


A student will be athletically eligible only for the school legally attending.

All athletes must maintain a 2.0 GPA each semester. If the athlete does not meet this requirement, he/she will be on probation for one semester. If at that time he/she still has below a 2.0 GPA, he/she will be academically ineligible until he/she achieves a 2.0 GPA at the semester grading period. At this time all athletes must also meet the CIF requirements of passing at least four classes. Also, in the spring semester of your senior year, you must be enrolled in four classes to participate in athletics.


An outstanding athlete has respect for the school and community laws, respect for individuals and property, respect for scholarship and accede achievement, respect for himself/herself and adults, and is willing to make personal sacrifices to maintain such attitudes.

Any athlete the coaches, teachers and administrators feel is a detriment to his/her school or team because of negative behavior and conduct may be suspend from athletic competition.

If an athlete is suspended from school by the administration for disciplinary reasons, he/she will be ineligible to work out or compete with his/her team until the period of suspension is over.

Game Conduct

During competition an athlete is expected not to use profanity or illegal tactics. Participants should understand that losing is part of the game and should be gracious in defeat and humble in victory. It is courteous to congratulate the opponent at the completion of a contest, whether in defeat or victory, however, if you have nothing good to say to your opponent, say nothing at all. Officials are present during a contest to try and insure that each team receives equity in decisions made. It is an athletic tradition and a written rule that only the captain and/or coach may talk to officials. Any discussion with an
official must be controlled and respectful at all times. Any behavior contrary to any of the above statements is a direct reflection on the school and team and could mean suspension or expulsion from the team. An behavior contrary to the above code may result in removal from the team. Fighting will not be tolerated for any reason. There will be an automatic one game suspension for the following game, and may result in suspension or remove from the team.

Locker Room Procedure

We are asking you to help make our locker rooms a more pleasant place for all concerned. We are asking athletes to comply with the following etiquette and safety rules. (1) Turn off your shower when you are finished; (2) show respect for any adult that is assisting in the department; (3) do not snap towels or throw them (4) do not wear your cleats in the lock room; and (5) above all, do not participate in horseplay in the showers or locker room. Continued violation of the above could mean suspension or possible expulsion from an athletic team.

Equipment Room

The equipment room is off limits to all athletes. Equipment should be issued through the windows of the equipment room.

Training Room

Athletes should abide by the rules of the athletic trainer. Any equipment in the training room should be used only under the direction the trainer or his/her designate. Failure to follow the guidelines establish by the trainer may result in disciplinary action from your coach or athletic director. Athletes must be supervised when in training rooms.

Road Trips

Behavior on the bus is extremely important to the morale and disciple of our teams. A team cannot be thinking about the task at hand if they are involved with horseplay.

Eating on the bus is prohibited unless you are given special permission by the bus driver. Students must remain seated when the bus is in motion. Shoes with cleats must be removed before boarding a bus. Buses will be left clean following each trip.

All athletes must return to school by the bus unless personally excused by the coach and/or assistant principal to go home with their parents. Prior arrangement must be made if athlete will not ride the bus from event. Failure to follow our transportation guidelines may result in disciplinary action from your coach or athletic director.

Dropping a Sport

After an athletic team has been selected, the athlete must receive the coach’s approval before dropping the sport. If the student does not receive this approval and quits or is dropped from the team for disciplinary reasons, the student will forfeit his/her award and/or credit and will not be allowed to participate on another team until the completion of the sport season and until the student has the approval of the athletic director.


We will strive to furnish you with the best possible equipment. You are responsible for all equipment checked out to you and should return this equipment in the original condition, except for normal wear. A charge will be made to you for lost or damaged equipment. Failure to pay this charge will result in your diploma being held at graduation.

Missing Practice

If you are to miss a practice, either call your coach or consult him/her ahead of time. Failure to do so is grounds for suspension or expulsion from the team.

Outside Interest

Any work or other obligation must not interfere with practice or scheduled games. Please see the Coach or Advisor if there are any conflicts.

Athletic Period

Student team members will be placed in a varsity athletic period only with the approval of the coach, athletic directors and administration. They will be assigned to their coach during the sport season and after that season is over they will be placed in the athletic overflow class or a regular physical education class.

Emergency Cards

It is your responsibility to give your coach an Emergency Card for his/her file. This card will insure proper medical treatment whether your parent is immediately available or not. Until your coach receives the emergency card students are not eligible to participate in any athletic practice or contest. It is extremely important that the information on the Emergency Cards be as accurate as possible.


Is compulsory for all students engaged in competitive athletics. If you are purchasing insurance through school for winter or spring sports, student may bring form and check directly to the Financial Office to be mailed by school.

Medical Examinations

Every student participating on an athletic team must have a physical examination annually. Be sure you receive one of our physical examination forms if you are going to your own family doctor. The high school will provide the opportunity for an exam at least once a year.

Report of Injury

All injuries should be reported to the coach immediately. The coach will fill out an accident form and take the necessary steps to see that you receive proper care.

ASB Card

Every student participating in athletics must purchase a Supercharger or ASB card.

Athletic Class Policy

Enrollment & Withdrawal

  1. All senior athletes must be enrolled in an athletic class during their season of sport. Following their sport they may choose to drop the class or remain in a conditioning fitness class for the remainder of the semester. Exceptions must be approved by Athletic Director, Mr. Boyce.
  2. All Junior & Sophomores must be enrolled in an athletic class during their season of sport. Following a fall or spring sport they must remain in the class for the remainder of the semester. Following a winter sport Juniors may drop the class & Sophomores may petition to waive their second semester requirement to a later date.
  3. All Freshmen must be enrolled in a P.E. class. Every effort will be made to place them in a freshmen athletic class. During their season of sport they will attend their P.E. class apropriately dressed on any regular days. On block days they will sign-in with their respective teacher, following the guidelines below. While out of season they will be required to attend their P.E.class. Failure to follow policy may result in losing your privilege to sign-in and miss class.
  4. To withdraw from the athletic class a student must get the approval of your coach and the Athletic Director BEFORE going to their Guidance Tech. Failure to officially withdraw from the class could result in your receiving an “F” for the class.

Grading Philosophy

  1. Being an athlete does NOT guarantee you an automatic “A”.
  2. Final grades in P.E. are given on a quarterly basis. While you are in your season of sport your coach will determine your grade. If you conclude or spend a majority of the time in the athletic team sports class your teacher will determine your grade.
  3. You will not be graded on whether you are a starter or great athlete but on the following guidelines: attendance at practice, effort during practice and athletic contests, your overall attitude and whether you sign-in properly and consistently.

Procedures

  1. It is important that you follow the sign-in procedures. Failure to do so could result in detention and have a negative effect on your athletic class grade.
  2. Due to block scheduling you are required to sign-in only on the days that the class you are enrolled in meets. For example, if you are in 5th period athletics you will sign in on Mon., Tues., and Thurs. If you are in 6th period athletics you will sign in on Mon., Wed. and Friday.
  3. You need to make sure where to sign-in with your respective teacher. You must sign-in prior to your teachers deadline time.
  4. You are allowed to “forget” to sign-in ONCE per quarter, after that you will be required to spend one tutorial period with your teacher for each time you fail to sign-in properly.
  5. Please DO NOT sign-in for someone else. Doing so may result in you and the person you sign-in for being required to do detention.
  6. Make sure you check the absence list each time you sign-in to see if you are on it and need to clear anything up. Remember to communicate.