Student Support Services

In addition to guidance services and guidance staff, Edison High School has two school psychologists, a student support specialist and a school counselor.

School Psychologists

Serve both the students in special education and assist in psychological services for any student on the Edison campus. While their main focus is on students with an individual education plan (I.E.P.), they also perform educational assessments and provide counseling when needed. They can be reached by phone or e-mail:

Tim Baker

Steve Kaplan

Student Support Psychologist

The student support psychologist provides social/emotional support needed to help at-risk students succeed academically. Mrs. Linda Temple oversees the program for students on a 504 plan and Student Study Teams. She is also available to counsel students who have social/emotional concerns that may be adversely impacting their academic performance. In collaboration with parent support, Mrs. Temple established the Stop In Center for students needing a place to go for counseling. Mrs. Temple plans three parent education nights per year and leads group counseling as needed.

Linda Temple

School Counselor

Assists students who are academically struggling in the 11th and 12th grades. The school counselor’s role is to expand the existing guidance services by working with students in need of academic and social-emotional support while in attendance at Edison High School. The counselor will focus on reviewing academic records, identifying and supporting students who are not progressing towards an Edison High School diploma and assisting students with post-secondary plans.

Jill Beideman